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Wedding Complaints from VENDORS.

1. Poor Communication: Lack of clear communication from couples regarding their preferences, expectations, or changes can make it difficult for vendors to deliver the desired services.

  • This is number one for me. You can’t go dark on us! We need you. Even full planning packages need to be able to efficiently and quickly communicate through the planning process.

2. Last-Minute Changes: Sudden alterations in the wedding plans, guest counts, or event timelines can be challenging for vendors who've meticulously prepared based on agreed-upon details.

  • Ok this one for the most part isn’t going to bother most experienced wedding vendors. Some changes happen throughout the day and we pivot. Trying to change the order of events on a whim though normally isn’t going to fly. There are anywhere from 10-15 wedding vendors for your wedding and not all are going to be able to adjust. This is going to be mostly food and beverage timing as well as contracted times for video, photo, and DJ. Try to stick to the timeline you and your coordinator have produced.

3. Late Payments or Non-Payments: Some clients might delay payments or fail to pay altogether, causing financial strain on vendors who rely on timely compensation for their services.

  • Sometimes people just simply forget to pay bills. It happens to all of us. Not a big deal if it’s once or maybe even twice. Being honest and up front will completely change the game form and upset vendor to an of it’s all good vendors.

4. Overly Demanding Clients: Some couples might have unrealistic or excessive demands, expecting vendors to go above and beyond the agreed-upon services without fair compensation.

  • Please read your contract ie your scope of services when asking for additional items. Don’t be upset when your vendor says that’s not included. If they have the option to add it on be ready for the price.

5. Unrealistic Expectations: Occasionally, clients might have unattainable visions or expect perfection beyond what's feasible within the constraints of time, budget, or resources.

  • Always be clear from the get-go on what you are looking for and wanting. We don’t like to disappoint you but not everyone will be a good fit and sometimes vendors will need to pass based on your expectations.

We hope you can avoid all of these: Wedding Complaints from VENDORS.


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