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Wedding Complaints from GUESTS and how you can avoid some if not all of them!

1. Seating arrangements: Guests may feel uncomfortable if they're seated in awkward positions or placed away from friends or family.

Guest dining table

2. Food and Service: Complaints about the quality of food or service at the reception are quite common. Allergies not being accounted for can also be a point of contention.

3. Entertainment or Atmosphere: A lack of entertainment, boring speeches, or a dull atmosphere can leave guests feeling disconnected or unengaged.

Now how can you avoid some of this??

1. Seating arrangements: Well this is an easy one – time consuming yes but placing friends and families at the same table will make people automatically feel comfortable and that they belong. Of course sometimes you do have to spilt large families up in this case make sure the table are next to each other.

In the case of friends. Most should know a couple of other but if you have a couple of pairs that don’t make table categories: work friends, vacation friends, and so one so that they all have something in common and can easy strike up a conversation

wedding food

2. Food and Service: Now some of this might not be in your control on the day of, but always make sure to get guests allergies during the RSVP process.

3. Entertainment or Atmosphere: Of please make sure you have at bare minimum a professional DJ. Nothing worse than walking into a ceremony space, cocktail reception, or dinner space and having no background music. Talk with your toast givers and make sure they have a plan and a time limit. I can’t tell you how many bad toasts I’ve heard. And worst-case guests start talking during the toasts because they are so un-interested.

live violinist

We hope this helps! Wedding Complaints from GUESTS and how you can avoid some if not all of them!


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