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Bustle: When and how...

You should be planning on adding a bustle during your final alteration/fitting. Dresses do NOT typically come with a bustle. Wait... you aren't sure what a bustle even is? OK lets start there.


The bustle is a sewing term that shortens the back of the dress to take away the train and lift the back. It refers to the process of transitioning the dress to look as if it has no train by adding buttons or hooks to position it up and out of the way.

Sara's MOH getting her dress just perfect for the first look!

So now the ceremony is over, pictures are done and you want to be able to move freely (no one steeping on you) and dance the night away... Now it's bustle time.

It's very important to note that you need someone to actually do the bustling for you! This will typically be the maid of honor, mom, or bridesmaids job UNLESS you have a planner. You may not thing but your planner does in fact become your wedding day BFF so it's important to make sure they know how to do you bustle. Bustles are not created equally.

A tip I tell my couples. PLEASE have someone go with you to your final fitting to learn your bustle and have a sales associate record how to do it. Like below:

If you buy off the "rack" you'll need to find a seamstress. The shop should have a preferred list but always double check. Read reviews. There is more than one style of bustle and every bustle is slightly different based on the material of the gown and how much you want to spend.

Let us know if you found this helpful!

Reception Venue: Chabot Space & Science Center

Photo: Sonum May Photography @sonummayphoto


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