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What's the difference between a welcome speech and a toast?

A welcome speech and a toast are both ways to greet or honor people at an event, but they have distinct purposes and formats:

·         Welcome Speech: A welcome speech is a formal or semi-formal address given at the beginning of an event to greet the audience and set the tone for the occasion. The purpose of a welcome speech is to provide context for the event, introduce the purpose or theme, acknowledge important guests, and express appreciation for attendees' presence. It is typically delivered by the host or an organizer of the event.

What's the difference between a welcome speech and a toast?

·         Toast: A toast is a short, celebratory speech that is given during a meal or reception. The speaker raises a glass and offers a few words to honor someone or something, such as the occasion, a person, or a group. A toast is usually more personal and concise than a welcome speech, and it often includes a wish for good health, success, or happiness. The audience is typically invited to raise their glasses in response.

A welcome speech is a broader, introductory address that sets the stage for an event, while a toast is a brief, focused expression of good wishes that involves raising a glass to celebrate a person, event, or moment.

Now you know the difference.


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