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Hiring Professional Vendors vs. Hiring Friends: Finding the Right Balance for Your Wedding

Hiring Professional Vendors vs. Hiring Friends: Finding the Right Balance for Your Wedding

The decision between hiring professional vendors and enlisting the help of friends for wedding services is a perennial hot topic. While including/hiring friends can add a personal touch to your special day, it's crucial to consider the nature of the services they'll provide. And of course they should still be professionals in their trade.

When to Consider Hiring Friends.

Hiring friends who are professionals in their fields can be a great option under certain conditions. If the service they're providing can be completed entirely before the wedding ceremony begins, it's typically safe to involve them. This allows these friends or family members to enjoy the celebration as guests once their job is done. Suitable tasks might include:

bride putting on earings
  • Hair and Makeup: Ensures you look your best as you walk down the aisle.

  • Florals: Can be arranged and set up in advance.

  • Wedding Cake/Dessert: Ready to be displayed and served with no need for ongoing attention.

  • Signage: Prepared beforehand to guide guests throughout the venue.

table centerpieces
Centerpiece were provided by a friend. They were dropped off before the ceremony for my team to place on the dining tables.

These pre-ceremony services work well when offered by friends, as they can fulfill their roles without missing out on the festivities.

When to Opt for Professional Vendors

Certain roles require ongoing attention throughout the event and are best handled by professionals who aren't emotionally invested in the wedding. This detachment allows them to focus solely on their tasks without the distractions of social interactions. Consider hiring professional vendors for:

  • Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Manages all event logistics from start to finish.

  • Photo/Video Team: Captures the entire event without bias or distraction.

  • DJ/Band: Provides entertainment and manages the event's pace.

  • Catering Services: Ensures timely and professional service of food and drinks.

  • Photo Booth: Operates smoothly under the supervision of someone not involved in the wedding.

couple with coordinator

These professionals remain dedicated to their roles during the wedding, which is crucial for critical services that require undivided attention. They won't have their feelings hurt if they can't join the party at the same time as other guests, and their primary goal is to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly.

Mixing friends and professionals at your wedding can work really well if you choose wisely. Let friends handle tasks that can be wrapped up before the main event, and hire pros for the parts that need someone on duty all day. That way, everyone gets to enjoy your big day!



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