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Top 5 no no’s Part 2

You just got engaged and you want to start ALL the things… STOP!

First go back and read Top 5 no no’s Part 1

1. Just like in part 1 it’s very important not to shop until you have a preliminary guest count. Don’t shop until you have a preliminary budget. And yes, everyone has a budget. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what yours is, ask yourself, am I willing to spend $50,000? If the answer is no keep going down until you hit a yes and if the answer is yes keep going up until you hit a no, because there’s no point in touring venue (that you’ll fall in love with) if you can’t afford it.

Venue: Tehama Golf Club

Photo: Daniel James Photography

2. Don’t forget about mother nature!

This isn’t just a winter recommendation this is a year-round recommendation. For all the couples that are just dying to have an ALL-outside wedding day think about the weather and your guests (will they be dying for heat?). Will it be just perfect all day long? The answer is probably not and even if it is you should always have at least one back up plan. Here are some things to think about and ask your venue manager.

a. Can the ceremony be held inside (if planning an outdoor ceremony) if it’s raining or just to hot?

b. Is there more than one indoor area? I.e. ceremony location, cocktail reception, and dinner/dancing? Or do some spaces have to be flipped?

3. Oh, I am a fan of DIYing! Yes, yes, I am BUT…. don’t DIY everything for your wedding (unless of course these are all your professions and then hats off to you!). If you plan on doing all your signage, florals (wedding party and centerpieces), favors, and maybe even cake when are you going to have fun, relax, or even enjoy your engagement and wedding? Yes, you have a coordinator (hopefully), but they help you stay organized, and make sure your day runs smoothly, they are available for guidance and support, but they don’t take on all of these items too. That’s left to other professionals and yourself. Don’t do too much!

4. It’s important to get your RSVP’s and it’s important that people do what they say… But in all honestly let’s be realistic things happen and some people are just jerks. People will cancel on you after you’ve already given the caterer the final count and can’t make any changes and people will no show. About 5-10% to give you a rough idea. And depending on your count and your meal cost this can add up to a pretty penny. These are all reasons to be frustrated but don’t let it ruin your day because it’s just not worth it (read tip 5).

All above floral done by family of bride - Just stunning.

5. You’ve made it to the big day! SO much planning has gone on and you want it to be perfect. You did the planning; you have a coordinator/planner. Your venue manager is fantastic. But something may happen, someone is late, the transportation is running behind. The caterers weren’t ready for your ceremony to end in 15mins when you told them it would be 30…. Things happen. All guests know this. Don’t sweat it. Have fun. Take the pictures, mingle with the guests, eat (and yes, I mean eat!), drink, and dance the night away.


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