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Top 5 no no's! Part 1

You just got engaged and you want to start ALL the things… STOP!

1. Don't start shopping for your venue until you have a guest count. Start writing down names so you can have an accurate approximation. Nothing worse than falling in love with a venue that seats 100 and you want to invite 150.

2. Learn the differences between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator.

Your venue coordinator works for the venue and may help with the rehearsal and setting out some personal décor but does not work with your other vendors and curate your timeline, help you bustle your dress, find your wedding party, prep people for speeches…. The list truly goes on!

3. Don’t be unreasonable. Not everyone that you want in your wedding party has the same means to be in your wedding party. Figure out what you really expect from them. Write out in detail so everyone is clear. Are you paying for hair & make up, or are they? Are you paying for the dress or tux? AND be OK with them gracefully saying no if they can’t afford it.

4. Don’t be that person that only talks about their wedding. Other people still want to get a word in and some people can only hear about your wedding florals so many times! Hire a coordinator – talk to them about all the wedding things. That’s what we’re here for.

5. DO NOT SKIP THE BRIDAL TRIAL. The trail for your hair and make up may (will) cost extra. It’s time, travel, and product so you do have to pay for it. It’s very important to make sure you and your artist are on the same page and that you are happy. I always recommend taking photos throughout the day to see how it wears and looks in different light. And if you are wanting changes be specific. Nothing worse then I just don't like it. Unless you don't like anything.... Then find a new artist!

Want to make it feel like you aren’t wasting in money? Try scheduling it when you get our engagement photos done.


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