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Not sure when, how, or what to do when it comes to gift giving?

Let’s be real weddings are expensive for everyone. Have you ever thought about when you should give a gift? How much should you spend? Or how do I get it to them? Well here are some answers.

Timing: Send or bring the gift to the wedding, or within a few months of the wedding date if you couldn’t make it to the ceremony. However, it's better not to delay too long after the wedding.

Budget: There's no strict rule about how much you should spend. Consider your relationship with the couple, your own financial situation, and what feels appropriate. A common guideline is to cover the cost of your attendance (or a bit more) if you're close to the couple.

Delivering Gifts: If you're sending a physical gift, ensure it's delivered to the correct address well in advance. If bringing it to the wedding, check if there are designated gift tables or drop-off points. For large or heavy items all opt in sending directly to the couple. Most registries will have this option.

If you're giving cash or a check, it’s often thoughtful to include a personalized note. Make checks out to one person as the couple May not have a joint account and it makes it extremely hard to deposit checks.

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Not sure when, how, or what to do when it comes to gift giving?


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