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Let's talk popular baby shower themes!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:

  • Decorate with starry elements, such as twinkling lights, star-shaped balloons, and celestial-themed tablecloths.

  • Use a color palette of soft blues, silvers, and whites.

  • Incorporate star-shaped cookies, cupcakes, and a star-shaped cake.

Woodland Adventure:

  • Create a magical woodland atmosphere with decorations like forest animals, trees, and greenery.

  • Use a color scheme inspired by nature, including earthy tones like greens and browns.

  • Feature forest creature-themed snacks, such as hedgehog-shaped cookies, owl cupcakes, and mushroom-shaped appetizers.

Oh, Baby! Nautical Adventure:

  • Embrace a nautical theme with anchors, sailboats, and sea creatures.

  • Decorate with navy blue, white, and pops of red to capture the classic nautical look.

  • Serve seafood-inspired snacks, anchor-shaped cookies, and a cake adorned with nautical elements.

Remember to tailor the theme to the preferences and interests of the parents-to-be, and feel free to get creative with your decorations and activities to make the baby shower a memorable and enjoyable event.

Check out more inspiration for these theme on out Pinterest board:


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