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It's been five years! Happy Anniversary to me!

It's been five years since I opened Events by Nicki.

The short story:

5 years

2019 I did the website I started an Instagram account did a couple little things. I told my family and friends but really didn't know what to do so I just kind of sat on it.

2020 rolls around and I decide I'm going to get off my a** and I'm going to just figure this s*** out so that was my plan to just not stop. I signed up for bridal expos, I started getting a packet together, really putting down pricing, list bullet points.  Then as you know 2020 covid things happened. But covid helped me launch my business want to know how message me!

five years

2021 was my break out year.

2022 I stretched myself way to thin.

2023 a dip in the market made me lose a large corporate client.

2024 we build back.


It's not easy but most of the time it's worth it!

It's been five years! Happy Anniversary to me!


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