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How to: Hold your bouquet!

Now you might just think, I know how to hold flowers! But honestly unless you’ve been in a lot of weddings, are a florist, or a wedding planner you probably don’t.

You want to make sure that you aren’t covering to much of your upper half – SHOW off that dress! You also want to make sure that the blooms are the main part of the bouquet getting captured – not the steams.

Hold the bouquet roughly at your belly button. Your arms should be relaxed at a 45-degree angle or wider. The bouquet should sit below your waist and at your hips. The bouquet just be tilted; Blooms out steams in.

Here you can see how the bridal party is holding their bouquets all differently:

Moving from right to left:

1. Slightly to high but good angle.

2. Nice height but to straight = lots of stem.

3. Just right.

4. Groom – looking good!

5. To low and much to straight.

6. Low but nice angle.

7. A little high (appears high but she’s much taller than her neighbors).

8. Too high.

Here you have a much more cohesive look. There could be a couple of tweaks but overall, well done!


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