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How to be a good guest!

1. Show up on time! What does on time mean? 15-20 mins early. You should be seated a minimum of 10mins before the ceremony is scheduled to start.

I always use the example when you buy tickets to a show are you just on time or are you early? - Don't assume it will start late. If they have a planner chances are it will start on time!

2. Even if you can use your cell phone to take pictures. Stay out of the aisle. If you are close to the aisle refrain as it gets in the professional photos.

3. Listen to the dress code. No dress code listed? The time of day and location can also give you hints on the appropriate attire. All else false see #4

4. Read the website. Nothing worse then getting a million texts the week of the wedding about things the couple has gone over, so don’t be that person.


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