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Hey Grooms! We haven't forgot about you.

We've gathered the most common items that grooms forget for their wedding day.

Vows or Speech: Sometimes, amidst the excitement, grooms forget to prepare their vows or speech. It's essential to take some time to jot down thoughts or promises to express during the ceremony or reception. Please don't wing it!

Wedding Bands: Surprisingly, wedding bands can be forgotten in the rush of preparations. It might be good to designate someone (like the best man) to have them on hand.

Yes, Please. Only one time have I had to make a made dash because the groom and best man forgot the rings in the suite.

most common items that grooms forget for their wedding day

Apparel Accessories: From cufflinks to socks or even a tie, accessories can be overlooked. It's a good idea to have all attire checked and laid out beforehand.

It's the socks! I've seen one to many white socks on wedding days!

Gift or Letter for the Bride: A sweet note, a small gift, or a token of appreciation for the bride can be a touching gesture that's easily overlooked in the whirlwind of wedding preparations.

This is always a nice touch!

Vendor Payments or Tips: While it's usually arranged beforehand, it's common to forget to prepare envelopes for vendor tips or to organize final payments for different services.

I haven't seen this one but I've definitely heard about it!

Remember, delegating tasks or creating a checklist can help prevent these things from slipping through the cracks!


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