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Go black and white?

So, I love black and white! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE color too but there’s something about an all-black and white event that makes me feel all the feels.

Are you wondering if black and white is the way to go? Are you thinking yes but I want that one pop of color?

Weddings are all about expression of the couple. If you’re daily life is packed full of color this may not be the way to go as you want your big day to feel authentically you, but if your are a neutral color palette person/couple by all means go black and white!

Personally, I would definitely do black and white with florals being my pop of color!

Look at Nick and Monique’s big day. She had her bridesmaids be her pop of color with the rest being all black and white – Truly stunning.

photos by: Alicia Lauren Photography


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