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Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

1. Start Early: The last thing you want to worry about the morning of your wedding is writing your vows. Start a few weeks to a month early and give yourself time to come up with something special. 

2. Set the Tone: Will they be more romantic & sentimental? Or humorous? Or a mix of both?

3. Ask yourself a few questions: Get your creative juices flowing by asking yourself these questions. "Why do you love your significant other?", "Why does he/she make you happy?", "What promises do you want to make for the years to come?"

4. Keep sentences short: They will be a lot easier to remember if there are less words to remember (but if you plan on reading them from a cue card then don't worry about it!).

5. Read them out loud: Everything you write sounds different once you read it out loud. You can edit things that don't flow or sound right & incorporate words you feel that are missing.

6. Write them together: Some couples choose to write their vows together as a way of starting their partnership together from that moment forward. This can also help calm your nerves if you aren't a fan of public speaking.

Good Luck - You got this!



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